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Breakfast Symposium

Breakfast Symposium 1
Sponsored by Sanofi

Chairperson: Seon Yeong Lee (Inje University, Korea)
Room 4 / September 7 (FRI)


Achieving Improved Glycemia without Significant Weight Gain with a Fixed Ratio GLP-1 Receptor Agonist and Basal Insulin Analog Co-formulation
Lawrence Blonde (Ochsner Medical Center, New Orleans, USA)

Breakfast Symposium 2
Sponsored by Novartis

Chairperson: BeLong Cho (Seoul National University, Korea)
Room 5 / September 7 (FRI)


Factors Associated with the Cardiovascular Events in Type 2 Diabetes
- Focusing on the Blood Glucose Control

Hye-Jin Yoo (Korea University, Korea)

Breakfast Symposium 3
Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson

Chairperson: Hyuk-Joon Lee (Seoul National University, Korea)
Room 6 / September 7 (FRI)


Postbariatirc Body Contouring Surgery
Hongchan Lee (Clinic B, Korea)

Breakfast Symposium 4
Sponsored by Handok

Chairperson: Hyun-ho Shin (Dankook University, Korea)
Room 4 / September 8 (SAT)


The Multiple Benefits of Ipragliflozin; Ideal Option for Asian T2DM Patients
Bo Yeon Kim (Soonchunhyang University, Korea)

Breakfast Symposium 5
Sponsored by Lilly

Chairperson: Bong Yun Cha (The Catholic University of Korea, Korea)
Room 5 / September 8 (SAT)


Holistic Treatment in T2DM - Choosing Wisely
Richard E. Gilbert (University of Toronto, Canada)

Breakfast Symposium 6
Sponsored by LG Chem

Chairperson: Jeong Hyun Park(Inje University, Korea)
Room 6 / September 8 (SAT)


Review of Clinical Studies on Comparing DPP-4 Inhibitors; Focus on ALTERNATIVE Study in Russia
Tae Jung Oh (Seoul National University, Korea)