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Public Policy Approaches to Conquer Obesity

Public Policy Approaches to Conquer Obesity

Room 2 / September 6 (THU)

Session 1. Global Strategy for Obesity Prevention

Chairperson: Young Kil Choi (Kyung Hee University, Korea),
Doo-Man Kim (Hallym University, Korea)


What Can Be Done to Address The Global Obesity Epidemic?
Juana Willumsen (World Health Organization, Switzerland)

Large-scale Regulatory and Fiscal Efforts to Address the Rapid Growth in Obesity
Barry M. Popkin (Gillings School of Global Public Health, USA)
Session 2. Asia-Oceanian Experiences in Conquering Obesity

Chairperson: Chang Jin Moon (Right Fund, Korea),
Kyu Rae Lee (Gachon University, Korea)


Obesity Management in The Public Health Arena in Singapore
Kwang-Wei Tham (Singapore General Hospital, Singapore)

The Nation-Wide Intervention Program for Metabolic Syndrome in Japan
Akiko Muramoto (Aichi Comprehensive Health Science Center, Japan)

Making Obesity Guidelines with Government
Brian Oldfield (Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Australia)

Current Status of Obesity and New National Strategy agiainst Obesity in Korea
Sang Woo Oh (Dongguk University, Korea)
Session 3. Future Directions in Obesity Prevention Policies in Korea

Chairperson: Soon Jib Yoo (The Catholic University of Korea, Korea),
Barry M. Popkin (Gillings School of Global Public Health, USA)


Panel / Open Discussion
Dae-Jung Kim (Ajou University, Korea)
Kyoung-Kon Kim (Gachon University, Korea)
Yu-Mi Oh (Korea Health Promotion Institute, Korea)
Cheong-Min Sohn (The Korean Dietetic Association, Korea)
Seok-Jun Yoon (Korea University, Korea)
Young-Ki Jeong (Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea)