ICOMES Symposia

ICOMES Symposium 1
How to help patients with weight regain: the role of revisional surgery

Chairperson: Youn-Baik CHOI (Chung Hospital, Korea)
Chih-Kun HUANG (China Medical Univeristy, Taiwan)

Room 1 / 30 August 2019 (Fri)


Surgical options for weight regain after gastric banding
Sang-Yong SON (Ajou University, Korea)

Surgical options for weight regain after sleeve gastrectomy?
Yosuke SEKI (Yotsuya Medical Cube, Japan)

Endoscopic options for weight gain after previous bariatric surgery
Matthew KROH (Cleveland Clinic Abudhabi, UAE)

ICOMES Symposium 2
Exercise training: good for circulation and neuromuscular system

Chairperson: Kijin Kim (Keimyung University, Korea)
Abdul G. DULLOO (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)

Room 2 / 30 August 2019 (Fri)


Effects of resistance exercise training on obesity
Jeong-Su KIM (Florida State University, USA)

Repeated sprint exercise training in normobaric hypoxia improves cardio-metabolic function
in overweight young women

Zhaowei KONG (University of Macau, China)

Central leptin mediates combination benefits of exercise and an antioxidant on memory functions
Jang Soo YOOK (Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Korea)

ICOMES Symposium 3
Precision nutrition & microbiome

Chairperson: Dong Ho LEE (Seoul National University, Korea)
Mohd Ismail NOOR (Taylors University, Malaysia)

Room 1 / 30 August 2019 (Fri)


Systems biology of personalized medicine - personalized lifestyle medicine in type 2 diabetes
Suzan WOPEREIS (TNO, Netherlands Institute for Applied Science, Netherlands)

Dairy-associated effects on probiotic Lactobacillus in the gut
Bokyung LEE (Dong-A University, Korea)

Probotics, prebiotics, synbiotics and insulin sensitivity
Yoona KIM (Gyeongsang University, Korea)

ICOMES Symposium 4
White, beige and brown fat

Chairperson: Jae Bum KIM (Seoul National University, Korea)
George A. BRAY (Pennington Biomed Research Center, USA)

Room 2 / 30 August 2019 (Fri)


Mapping the landscape of intercellular signaling in health and metabolic disease
Jiandie LIN (University of Michigan, USA)

Transcriptional regulation of brown adipocyte differentiation and its implication for obesity in humans
Hironori WAKI (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Deconstructing brown adipose tissue neogenesis in vivo using single cell RNA sequencing
James G. GRANNEMAN (Wayne State University, USA)

Single cell transcriptomic analysis of beige adipogenesis in mouse
Je Kyung SEONG (Seoul National University, Korea)

ICOMES Symposium 5
Obesity, metabolic dysfunction and neurodegenerative diseases

Chairperson: In-Kyu LEE (Kyoungpook National University, Korea)
Ian CATERSON (University of Sydney, Australia)

Room 1 / 30 August 2019 (Fri)


The role of metabolic health and obesity status in dementia
Yong-ho LEE (Yonsei University, Korea)

Lipids and cognitive impairment: time for new target?
Yong-Jae KIM (The Catholic University of Korea, Korea)

Brain metabolic dysfunction and Alzheimer’s disease: links to peripheral insulin resistance including metabolic syndrome
Suzanne M. de la MONTE (Brown University, USA)

ICOMES Symposium 6
Community-based management of obesity in childhood and adolescence

Chairperson: Dong-Hwan LEE (Soon Chun Hyang University, Korea)
Elaine RUSH (Health and Environmental Science Auckland University, New Zealand)

Room 2 / 30 August 2019 (Fri)


Focus on strength, a new perspective on obesity prevention
Gill ten HOOR (Maastricht University, The Netherlands)

Multidisciplinary intervention for obese children and adolescents: ICAAN study
KyungHee PARK (Hallym University, Korea)

Strategies for reducing health disparities in childhood obesity:
Messages from community-based participatory research

Jiyoung PARK (Inje University, Korea)

ICOMES Symposium 7
Dissecting pathways of NASH and NAFLD

Chairperson: Kyong Soo Park (Seoul National University, Korea)
Tania MARKOVIC (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Medical Centre, Australia)

Room 1 / 31 August 2019 (Sat)


Obesity, metabolic syndrome, and NAFLD: recent update
Donghee KIM (Stanford University, USA)

Roles of cholesterol in the development of NASH-related hepatocellular carcinoma
Koichi MIURA (Jichi Medical University, Japan)

NADPH oxidase 2 and macrophage in nonalcoholic fatty liver
Won-Il JEONG (KAIST, Korea)

ICOMES Symposium 8
Central regulation of energy metabolism

Chairperson: Min Seon KIM (University of Ulsan, Korea)
Stephanie FULTON (University of Montreal, Canada)

Room 2 / 31 August 2019 (Sat)


Central regulation of energy and glucose metabolism by growth hormone
Jose DONATO Jr. (University of São Paulo, Brazil)

Melanocortin signaling regulates energy balance, glucose homeostasis
and thermogenic properties of adipose tissue

Tiemin LIU (Fudan University, China)

Hypothalamic dopaminergic neurons that control energy metabolism
Jae Geun KIM (Incheon National University, Korea)

ICOMES Symposium 9
Lipid droplets (LD) and obesity

Chairperson: Bong-Soo CHA (Yonsei University, Korea)
James G. GRANNEMAN (Wayne State University, USA)

Room 1 / 31 August 2019 (Sat)


The cell biology of lipid droplets: from structure to function
James A. OLZMANN (University of California-Berkeley, USA)

The lipid droplet is a membrane-bound organelle conserved from prokaryotes to humans
Pingsheng LIU (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Roles of lipid droplet proteins for energy homeostasis
Jae Bum KIM (Seoul National University, Korea)

ICOMES Symposium 10
Development of body image and disordered eating, prevention and treatment interventions associated with these problems

Chairperson: Hye-Jung SHIN (National Medical Center, Korea)
Pallavi Sodhi PATANKAR (Pams Health Fitness Nutrition Yoga and Weight Management Clinic, India)

Room 2 / 31 August 2019 (Sat)


Development of body image and disordered eating across childhood, adolescence and young adulthood
Susan J. PAXTON (La Trobe University, Australia)

Development of online check-up system of eating problems and self-help program for bulimia nervosa
and binge eating disorders

Michiko NAKAZATO (International University of Health and Welfare, Japan)

A school-based prevention program for disordered eating and body dissatisfaction among Korean adolescents
Kyung Hwa KWAG (Inje University, Korea)